Documents and Information

Enrollment and Registration

Toddler Registration

Registration begins with a tour of the Nursery School. Parents should call the Nursery School (781-383-0036) or email to set up a convenient time to tour the school.

Enrollment for children entering the Toddler program is open December 1st 2016. After touring the school parents can enroll their child in the program by making a $450 nonrefundable deposit. This payment includes a $50 family membership to the Community Center, a $50 registration fee and a $350 deposit.

A student is considered enrolled after we receive a tuition deposit for the following year.

Nursery and Pre-K Registration

The South Shore Community Center Nursery School uses a lottery system to enroll students in the Nursery and Pre-K program. Registration begins in January for the following September. In-house children are placed first then siblings and legacy children, then Community Center members and finally the public at-large.

Classes are filled with regard for boy-girl ratio. When classes are filled we create a waitlist and fill openings as they occur with consideration for boy-girl ratio. Enrolled students are given preference on the waitlist. A student is considered enrolled after we receive a tuition deposit for the following year.

Enrichment Registration

Enrollment in the Enrichment Program is determined by birth date, previous school experience, boy-girl ratio and the discretion of the director.

Before a child begins at Nursery School we need to have your child’s completed enrollment package. This includes all emergency forms, medical history and agreement forms. A current (within the year) state health form must be completed by the child’s doctor stating that the child is in good health and documenting their immunizations. Families are asked to keep their children’s physical forms current.


Tuition is based on a yearly fee. A non-refundable tuition deposit of $350 is due in February to ensure your child enrollment for September. We have three methods of payment based on yearly tuition divided into one, two or ten payments. Single payment due August, two semi-annual payments due August 1st and January 1st or ten payments starting August 1st and ending May 1st.

Payments are due on the first of each month beginning in August through May. There will be a late fee of $10 for all payments made after the 15th of the month.

A $30 fee will be charged for checks returned for insufficient funds. Payments may be mailed to our bookkeeper, placed in our tuition basket in the Nursery School office or by credit card at the main office.

Current tuition and fee schedule is included with your registration packet, and a hardcopy is available upon request.
If a payment is missed, a notice will be sent home reminding the parents of their obligation. If two payments are missed, access to the program may be denied until tuition is current.

If a child withdraws from the school during the school year the refund policy is as follows: tuition refunds will not be given to families choosing the 10 payment option. Families paying an annual or semiannual plan will be given a prorated refund.