Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program is geared toward children who are turning five. Most of the children have had two years of pre-school. The children are accustomed to school routines. The curriculum includes units of study that focus on children’s interests and MA State guidelines for Pre-School education. Students continue their study of Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.
All of the units are accompanied by supporting developmentally appropriate activities in music, games, art and language arts. The children will build on the skills introduced in the Pre-K as well as develop new skills while children participate in these activities.
The Enrichment Program is more structured than our other programs. Children continue to develop individually and are supported by one to one time with the teacher. Expectations and adaptations are made to accommodate each child and their abilities. It is a unique and wonderful learning environment.

Monday – Friday   |   9:00-11:30 AM