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Daily Activities Enrichment

Monday, March 20, 2017- First Day of Spring!!



Leader: Levi

Ender: Seth

Meeting: Levi did the calendar for us. Seth looked out the window and told us the weather and counted how many friends were in school today.

Songs: “Seven Days of the Week”, “What’s the Weather?”

Activities: We built with blocks, played house, did puzzles, played with Legos, drew with Cray-pahs, and painted, colored.

We talked about signs of Spring and brainstormed a list of words: Breeze, growing, cardinals, birds, plants, flowers, warm, Easter bunny, bees, green, buds on trees.

Mystery Box – Claire: 1) It’s from the ocean. 2) You see it on the beach. 3) It’s hard to find. It’s a starfish!!!!! Good job!!

Book: The First Day of Spring

Snack: We ate corn chex and raisins. We drank water.