Tuesday September 20th News

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Jacqueline and Leah sharing a book.

Jacqueline and Leah sharing a book.

TTH Yellow Toddler News


Tuesday September 20, 2016.

Today some of our friends were sad when Moms and Dad’s dropped off at school. We are getting to know the children and reading their temperments. Some children want to be held when they are sad and others want to be left alone to work through their transition. Still other children need to be reassured that Mommys and Daddys will be coming back. It is completely natural to be sad when your Mom or Dad leaves you. We will do our very best to help your child through the transition to school.

Even though today we had a sad dropoff most of the children rallied and we were through the worst of the crying by 9:30. We played inside for about an hour. Some of the children did puzzles, others painted handprints on their school bag. The bags will go home on Thursday. We had graham crackers, bananas and water for snack. Then we went out side. The enrichment class was outside so we decided that we should have a dance party!!! It was the best part of our day. Who knew Tommy DeGrann could break dance?


We are going to stay on the 11:00 dismissal time for the rest of the month.


We are going to try to keep the schedule the same for children. Some things in the classroom will be the same everyday.


Attendance is important part of school so when you come into the classroom the children should find the photo on the cabinet and move it to the front of the cabinet. You can help your child find his or her photo.

Washing Hands is part of drop off too. After your child is checked in please bring them to the sink to wash their hands.


Then parents can check cubbies and give a kiss good bye and we can start our day.


I know that today we had less crying than last week and I am confident that we can continue through this transition with patience and your support.


Here are some photos for you to share with your child between now and Thursday.